Digital Marketing and Media Specialist




    Rebecca "Beck" Beach is a Digital Marketing and Media in the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. Beck offers creative marketing services to promote yourself or your business. She specializes in various digital media services such as UX design, content marketing, web design, WordPress design, social media marketing, SEO, big data analytics, illustration and more. Beck Beach also offers businesses consulting about their "Digital Media Strategy".

  • Proven history of boosting product awareness, acceptance, and sales through creative design.
  • Known for creating high-quality deliverables with consistent, fast turnaround.
  • Recognized to push the limits of capabilities and to expand creative services to larger marketing initiatives.
  • Experience spans web, multimedia, ad campaigns, retail programs and print media. Talent for building supportive environments that bring out the best in creative professionals.
  • Well-rounded business management skills, with proven ability to match customer needs with a wide variety of graphics, visual arts tools and approaches.
  • Extremely effective at communicating ideas and capturing the interest of the intended audience.



Beck has been hand-coding HTML since 1998 and has taken numerous programming courses in college. She rates herself as being an expert in HTML cross-browser and responsive design practices.


After learning HTML, Beck took up CSS in late 1999 to style her pages in a fluid manner. It was great not having to create tables to make a website anymore! In 2013 she taught herself LESS, SCSS and SASS practices to create styles faster.


Beck has been creating Javascript since 1999 and picked up Jquery in 2002. "I work mainly on the front end but have plenty of experience using scripts to communicate with the server side", she states.

Adobe CC

Beck is a master at Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, InDesign, Premiere Pro and Flash.


Beck's work as a versatile designer/developer spans web, print and mobile apps. To view her illustration work, visit her Deviant Art Gallery.


Business Websites

If you'd like a stunning 100% responsive static or WordPress Genesis website to grow your business, please contact Beck. Her responsive websites look amazing on a phone, tablet and PC/MAC!

Beck utilizes StudioPress Genesis for her WordPress websites and the Bootstrap framework for her static websites.

Why don't you contact Beck for your business website?!

Personal Branding Websites

If you'd like a stunning 100% responsive static or WordPress Genesis website to promote yourself, please contact Beck. Her responsive websites look amazing on a phone, tablet and PC/MAC!

She also offers her Digital Personal Branding Packages ® for the 2019 job seeker who wants to be a "lion in a herd of lambs". These packages consist of a personal branding logo of your name, matching website, matching resume, and matching business card design.
This package includes a mini eBook, "BIT", to best utilize these tools.

Why don't you contact Beck if you are interested?! You will be glad you did.

Digital Media Strategy

Having been in the corporate web design/developing and marketing industry for 17 years, Beck has developed a 2019 Digital Media Strategy for business application.

She is also available for consulting opportunities, social media promotion, content marketing and big data analytics

Please contact Beck for more information.


Beck is also a traditional and digital artist with great freehand-ability. To view all illustration work, visit Beck's Deviant Art Gallery.

She takes on digital and traditional media (watercolor, ink and pencil) art commissions so feel free to contact Beck for your illustrative needs.

Her current illustrative project is designing a coloring book for adults through Amazon Create Space.